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Carolyn Lee
      Carolyn Lee

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Program: Université Catholique de Lille
Location: Lille, France
Semester Abroad: Spring 2007
Major: International Business & Language Area Studies; French
Memorable Experience:
For our two-week spring break, a few friends and I traveled across Italy and the South of France, and we ended our journey on the beautiful French island of Corsica (getting there via a ten-hour ferry ride).  St. Florent, Corsica, is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been! I would definitely recommend this place to anybody.

Benefits of Studying Abroad:
Studying abroad helped me gain confidence in my ability to survive in an environment that at first was nothing short of new and scary. I quickly learned that I had the ability to adjust to a new atmosphere. It was a very empowering feeling to overcome the anxiety and doubt you instill in yourself before leaving on this experience, only to realize at the end you've gotten very comfortable with things. It is truly an experience where you will come home knowing much more about yourself than you could ever imagine, with new friends you'll stay in touch with forever.

Academically, I learned how the French educational system worked, and I definitely felt more comfortable with all aspects of the French language upon returning home and getting back to my senior capstone class. On a professional note, when I got hired at my job that I'm at now, my boss commented on how studying abroad definitely gave me an edge.

Advice & Tips:
Don't let the initial fears and doubts keep you from studying abroad. You are much more capable of adjusting to a new situation in a different country than you think. Reach out to those who have studied before at your site and get their reactions and advice (don't forget to ask questions, too!). Lastly, leverage the Study Abroad Office and their resources. 

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