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Casey Sengbusch
      Casey Sengbusch

Hometown: Hayward, Wisconsin
Program: John Cabot University
Location: Rome, Italy
Semester Abroad: Fall 2010
Major: Psychology; Sociology
Memorable Experience:
St. Norbert partners with Study Abroad Italy (SAI) to send students to Italy. SAI offers a trip to Sicily for an extra charge. It was the best trip that I went on and was absolutely worth the extra cost. This trip includes study abroad students from Florence, as well, so I got to hear about their experiences. In two days, I ate three seven-course meals (which were included in the price). The guide every single dish, so we actually knew what we were eating. And, I got to go horseback riding in the mountains. I was an amazing time. 

Benefits of Studying Abroad:
Studying abroad taught me a lot about myself. I went through some major personal growth. I learned about my strengths and weaknesses as an individual. Studying at an institution abroad allowed me to experience another culture, which I have valued very much. I also realized that I should be thankful for everything that I have in my life back in the U.S.

Advice & Tips:
Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity. It gives you a chance to see the world and experience new things. You will learn so much about yourself and it will help you grow as an individual. This is an experience that most people never have, so grasp the opportunities that are placed in front of you and reach for those that you desire.

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