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Kaylee Beck
      Kaylee Beck

Hometown: De Pere, Wisconsin
Program: Université Catholique de Lille 
Location: Lille, France 
Semester Abroad: Spring 2012
Major: International Studies; French
Minor: Peace & Justice
Memorable Experience:
Something that I'll never forget from my semester abroad: renting vespas and cruising along the Mediterranean coast near Cannes, France. The weather was beautiful, we had just eaten a great picnic lunch, and the entire coast was so picturesque. The bluest water, sandy beaches, rockstar windsurfers, and mountains in the distance. We kept repeating during the excursion, "When are we ever again going to be 21-years-old, cruising along the sea in the south of France?" 

Benefits of Studying Abroad:
Spending a semester abroad poses not only academic, but cultural challenges, as well. Taking all of my classes in French took some time to get used to, and the professors each had their own way of handling international students in their classrooms. Adjusting to the way that the French operate within their academic system is another thing. It's completely different and takes a lot of getting used to! You learn to become adaptable and accepting of challenges of many magnitudes. Studying abroad in Lille has inspired me to spend a few years overseas after graduation.

Advice & Tips:
Don't just consider studying abroad, mark it into your four-year plan. I would have loved to study abroad for a whole year. SNC makes it possible through exchange programs! Studying abroad certainly has its ups and downs. Nothing beats being able to say you've lived in another country for half a year and now have new friends in all corners of the world.

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