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Lauren Lathers
      Lauren Lathers

Hometown: West Bend, Wisconsin
Program: Foundation for International Education (FIE) - Dublin
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Semester Abroad: Spring 2010
Major: Psychology; Sociology
Memorable Experience:
One of my most memorable experiences is the independence that I had in a big city. At the same time, it was so easy to get out into the beautiful countryside of Ireland, especially along the coast. I will always remember the amazing views. I had more time to relax and do things other than school- or job-related work.

Benefits of Studying Abroad:
A major benefit for me was the rewarding experience of living in a different culture. Irish culture was similar to American culture, yet there were some small differences that stuck out. I did change from studying abroad in that I became more open to trying new things, more independent, and more laid back. I consider these all to be benefits.

Advice & Tips:
My advice would be to really try to get the most out of your study abroad experience. Don't be afraid to just walk around the city where you're living. Explore in a way you usually would not. If you go to Ireland, get to know the locals! Not everyone has something against Americans, so don't be shy. Make connections with the other students in your program, as well. Most of the other students will be from colleges within the U.S. or even another country in Europe. Studying abroad is a way to create lifelong friendships.

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