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Maria Dzurik
      Maria Dzurik

Hometown: Corcoran, Minnesota
Program: University of Otago
Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
Semester Abroad: Spring 2011
Major: Environmental Science; Biology
Memorable Experience:
There are too many awesome memories. One highlight that will definitely never be forgotten must include when I went bungy jumping 134 meters (to what I thought was my death) over the gorgeous mountains and rivers of the South Island. Another way I will always remember New Zealand is by backpacking through the mountains, forests, crossing rivers, and pitching tents with some of my favorite native “kiwi” friends. There was no better way to spend my weekends than under the Southern Hemisphere stars!

Benefits of Studying Abroad:
I really took time to step back and realize what makes me who I am. When you start new in a completely new country, you (in a way) have to re-build your personality. You have to make an effort to search out the things that are valuable to you, and prioritize your time and travels accordingly. You'll realize what you miss most at home, while at the same time you're being exposed to all of these people who think in other new and exciting ways. You'll learn a lot about yourself, but also a lot about your country (as well as your new home country) and have your eyes truly opened to how much more there is to learn!

Advice & Tips:
Get involved. You can choose to live among your international friends, or break out of your comfort zone. One of the freedoms of being abroad is that you don't know very many people, so there's no good reason to be exclusive - you'll find friends from all corners of the globe with an open attitude. The best way to make friends is to get involved, use the facilities of the school to find out what's going on in town, join clubs, and do activities that the locals would do. Think twice before saying no! I was so thankful for my journal and my blog. It is really a treat and a gift to look back at it now and recall and follow the progress of some of my thoughts while I was abroad. I definitely plan on going back!

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