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Meredith Moore
      Meredith Moore

Hometown: Minnetonka, MN
Program: SIT Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management
Location: Madagascar
Semester Abroad: Spring 2013
Majors: Environmental Science and French

Memorable Experience:
Every day in Madagascar was an adventure and certainly a life-changing experience. Some especially memorable moments include: learning Malagasy and singing traditional songs with my host family, swimming in the mangrove forest after the tide came in during the independent study period, the numerous hikes through rainforests, mountains, and national parks, and of course, laying under the southern hemisphere stars.

Benefits of Studying Abroad:
Studying abroad widens the view of the world and provides a glimpse of how people live under completely different circumstances and resources. It is an experience that can never be taken away from you, nor can you be told how and what to take from it. Feeling more globally rooted and connected to another society is an indescribable emotion.

It truly is a gift to be able to realize how privileged we are and how many luxuries ("necessities") we often take for granted. After living in a developing country, I have become significantly more receptive of the world around me and have developed not only a passion for travel but of the importance of international study and understanding. Meeting people of different backgrounds, situations, and life experiences is humbly rewarding and contributes to both personal and societal development.

Advice & Tips:
Without hesitation, I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the opportunity. Seeing other cultures and how people live their lives on a daily basis is something that resonates long after returning home and is an experience that should never be (and rarely is) regretted. Immersion in another country is a lucky advantage that we have in allowing us to grasp a culture and develop as both an individual and member of society.

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