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Sarah Lundberg
      Sarah Lundberg

Hometown: Plainfield, Illinois
Program: American University in Cairo
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Semester Abroad: Fall 2008
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Early Childhood Education
Memorable Experience:
I got to go to so many places that most people only dream about. I went inside the Great Pyramid. I climbed up Mt. Sinai and watched the sunrise. I swam in the Red Sea. Everyday was a phenomenal and surreal experience. I had the opportunity to spend a semester in one of the most well-known and historical cities in the entire world.

Benefits of Studying Abroad:
Spending a semester abroad broadened my horizons further than I thought that they could go. I gained independence and learned how to deal with problems on my own, since I was thousands of miles away from the people who I normally relied on. I am a stronger and braver person now because I chose to go abroad. It's also a great conversation piece during interviews or in social situations.

Advice & Tips:
Go. Go. Go. Go. I cannot say it often enough. Don't let anything hold you back. My entire family said that I wasn't allowed to go. I left behind a long-term boyfriend. The university that I went to didn't even offer courses in my major, but I went and I had the most incredible experience of my life. If you want to go, don't let anything stop you. Make it happen.

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