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Troy Wiesner
      Troy Wiesner

Hometown: Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Program: Sophia University
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Semester Abroad: Spring 2010
Major: International Business & Language Area Studies
Minor: Japanese
Memorable Experience:
My most memorable experience was being able to meet with a lot of the Japanese friends who I met at St. Norbert. Many of these Japanese students came to St. Norbert to study English with the College’s English as a Second Language (ESL) Institute. The times that I spent with them really enhanced the experience I had. The students were able to introduce me to a variety of places and things that I otherwise would have never experienced.

Benefits of Studying Abroad:
One of the benefits of studying abroad for me was that it gave me a chance to take a step away from the routine I was so used to at St. Norbert. I was able to experience a whole new way of life. I have emerged from my semester abroad with a different outlook on life: one that is more open to new experiences.

Advice & Tips:
For those considering a study abroad experience, DO IT! Don't worry about fitting the right classes into your schedule. St. Norbert has a vast array of study abroad options to choose from. In addition, the College gives many advantages and opportunities to students who choose to study abroad, which aren't found at most universities. Take advantage of the study abroad program at St. Norbert; you will not regret it.

For those students who are planning to study abroad, enjoy the short time that you have abroad. Don't try to compare everything to back home. Be in the moment. Your friends and family will still be there for you when you return. De Pere, Wisconsin, does not change.

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