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Community Partner Project Proposal

Project submissions will be shared with both St. Norbert College professors and staff. If your proposal is accepted by a professor for use with a class, please note the following deadlines to allow for sufficient planning/preparation:

  • September 1: For projects to be implemented during the spring semester
  • February 1: For projects to be implemented during the fall semester

Some proposals may be accepted by staff and/or student organizations, in which case there is a rolling deadline for proposals.

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Organization information
*Date of proposal:
*Organization name:
*Community partner contact name:
*Community partner contact phone number:
*Community partner contact e-mail address (If you do not have an email address please enter "NONE":
*Organization/agency website (if you do not have a website, please enter "NONE"):
*What is the timeline for your project? Include specific dates, from start to finish.:

*Describe the project in detail, including how its completion would address a need of your organization:

*What do you envision as being the impact of this project? Are there specific results or goals that your organization hopes/needs to achieve?
*How many students would need to be involved in order to adequately complete this project? Please be specific:
*What supplies/resources would be needed to complete this project?
*Who (from your organization) would be supervising the project in terms of making regular contact with the students involved?
*Provide any additional information that would be helpful for us to know:



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