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Service-Learning Resources

 In-House Resources

Several departments on campus have printed resources related to service-learning with topics ranging from teaching techniques, assessment/evaluation, and faculty development to leadership and prayer/reflection. Click on the links below to view a list of department resources:

Marquette Service Conference Presentation
PowerPoint presentation on "Leading Reflections for One-Time Service Events."

Faculty Handbook for Service-Learning
St. Norbert College's service-learning handbook for faculty.

Sturzl Center Service-Learning Resource Library

 Online Reflection Resources

An important part of every service experience is taking the time to reflect on what happened and what that tells us about ourselves, about the world, and even about God.  Here are some resources to help with that reflection. Some of them are spiritually based, others are not, but all help us keep the Norbertine spirit of taking time to reflect.

Active Citizen Continuum
Continuum detailing the individual journey from ordinary citizen to active citizen.

Leading Off-Campus Service Projects in the Residence Halls
How to plan, execute and reflect on service projects.

Bringing Closure to a Service Project
Steps for post-project recognition, reflection, and evaluation.

Defining Service with a Reflection Activity
Create a meaningful service experience by facilitating discussions that define service and integrate its meaning into the activity.

Generating Discussions about Service, Justice and Civic Engagement
Help members and volunteers net the greatest experience through examination of service issues, civic engagement, and outcomes.

Planning Reflection Activities
Give volunteers opportunities for reflection can improve their attitudes toward service and allow them to look back on, think critically about, and learn from their service experience.

Reflection by Design
Reflection basics: discuss, investigate, address the needs, plan the work, execute the plan and celebrate and renew.

Service Reflection Toolkit
Why reflect? What is reflection? Benefits of reflection? What can I do to reflect?

PowerPoint on reflection from the National Service Resource Center.

Reflection in Higher Education Service-Learning
The theory behind reflection in the service-learning cycle.

University of Maryland Faculty Handbook for Service-Learning
Resource for faculty interested in pursuing service-learning as a way to renew their teaching, advance their research, and become more engaged in local communities.

Sturzl Center for Community Service & Learning

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