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St. Norbert College Youth Service Partnerships 2010-11
Program name
Community partner(s) Site Description Other
St. Norbert contact
  • AVID (college prep)
  • Howe Neighborhood Resource Center (Kelly Karls)
Franklin Middle School, Howe Elementary School

12 first and second year St. Norbert students aid primarily students of color with the intent of supporting low SES Green Bay youth

Started in 2008, funded by SNC Research Fellows program, 2-year paid position for St. Norbert students
Bridgit Martin
Knight Reading Program
  • Nicolet Elementary School (Tammy Van Dyke)
  • Norbertine Volunteer Community (Ellen Mommaerts)
Nicolet Elementary 11 students provide direct literacy 1:1 skill building 1-3 days/wk, 45 min/day
Started 2005; serves 12 students grades 1-5
Nancy Mathias
Howe Elementary Tutoring Program
Howe Elementary and Howe Neighborhood Resource Center, (Kelly Karls) Howe Elementary School 15 tutors in after school program
A Michels Hall service project
Laura Rosenberg
Boys & Girls Club after school programs
Boys & Girls Club (Kevin Konkol) Boys and Girls Club West side 30 students in after school programs at the club sites
A Michels Hall service project Laura Rosenberg
Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring
Big Brothers Big Sisters - Mentoring
A Michels Hall service project Laura Rosenberg
Freedom House childcare Freedom House family shelter Freedom House Eight students help weekly with childcare while parents take classes
A Michels Hall service project Laura Rosenberg
American Foundation of Counseling Services mentors
American Foundation of Counseling Services (Matthew Helsius) St. Norbert College campus, AFCS 3-66 mentors develop Sunday evening activities, 2-4 times/semester
Started fall 2009, three times/semester, A Michels Hall service project Laura Rosenberg
YMCA after school program
YMCA (Sara Wall) YMCA Students help with weekly after school programs
A Michels Hall service project Laura Rosenberg
R.I.O.T. (Reaching Inspiring Overcoming Together)
American Foundation of Counseling Services (Matthew Helsius) St. Norbert College campus
14 SNC students mentor 8-10 high school students preparing for college on eight Saturdays
Started fall 2009; meet eight Saturdays at St. Norbert
Brian Bar
Homework Club
Foxview Intermediate School (Charles Mikulsky) Foxview Intermediate School
Ten volunteer tutors (five on Tuesdays, five on Thursdays)
Started 2009-10 school year at Hillcrest
Optimist Club, Tyler Cobb
Village Project
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Washington Middle School
  • SOAAR program
  • YMCA
  • Green Bay Public Schools
Various sites
20-40 pre-service teachers go 2x wk, 4-7 weeks to after-school program sites
Started fall 2010
Education Dept, Reid Riggle; LSE,Brian Bar
Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
  • AVID
  • Green Bay West High school (Kay Huxford)
St. Norbert College campus and West High School
St. Norbert student volunteers write letters every other week to their high school pen pal who is planning to go to college
Started fall 2010
Pen Pals, SWEA

The impact of St. Norbert College Youth Services Partnerships

Dr. Gregory R. Maass, superintendent, Green Bay Area Public School District
"St. Norbert College continues to be an important and valued partner of the Green Bay Area Public School District and has worked closely with us and the various community-based organizations with whom we contract for the provision of extended learning services, including the Boys & Girls Club, YMCA and others."

Kevin Konkol, senior director of operations, Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay
Providing additional opportunities for low-income and minority youth to experience academic/social enrichment and college/career awareness is critical to the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay's (BGCGB) role in developing productive youth who graduate on time and are prepared to pursue postsecondary education programs and meaningful careers. For this reason, the BGCGB has agreed to partner with St. Norbert College to identify and recruit Saturday Scholars Academy (SSA) participants and to provide space at our Clubhouse locations for a series of SSA sessions that incorporate hands-on learning involving literacy and STEM disciplines.

Student volunteer
"The most positive aspect of this program was the reality of it all. I was able to face diversity, which I could not do in my hometown. I was able to make friends with some of the kids there, and it made me so happy knowing that they were excited to see me every Monday and Wednesday."

Student volunteer
"I have a personal relationship with one of the girls at the club. We both had a discussion about college and the future for her, and what she wants to do with her life. She felt comfortable talking to me, and ever since that first night when we talked, she gives me a hug every night I am there. I feel that I truly am an impact on her and I am a role model for her to go to college and pursue anything she wants.

Youth Service Partnerships 2010-11 sponsors:

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