Any student, faculty, staff member, or applicant for admission who has concerns about sex discrimination or sexual misconduct is encouraged to seek the assistance of a Title IX coordinator.

Appeals Process

The Complainant or the Respondent may request an appeal within three business days of the rendered decision by the hearing panel. The appeal must be made based on the following grounds:

  1. The occurrence of a procedural error may have affected the outcome of the decision.
  2. Substantive new evidence, that was not previously available to the investigation, may affect the outcome of the decision.
  3. Severity of the sanction is thought to be inappropriate given the details of the case.

An appeal may not be made on the grounds that either the Complainant or the Respondent does not agree with the rendered decision by the hearing panel. A designated Appeals Officer (or an Appeals Panel) will make a determination after consideration of the basis of the appeal. The finding of the Appeals Process is final.