Any student, faculty, staff member, or applicant for admission who has concerns about sex discrimination or sexual misconduct is encouraged to seek the assistance of a Title IX coordinator.


All parties will be notified when a formal investigation begins and will be informed of his/her rights as a Complainant or a Respondent. A formal investigation of a sexual misconduct complaint will typically include interviews and review of evidence, when available. 

If the investigation results in the finding of a violation of the Gender-Based Misconduct and Sexual Harassment policy, both the Complainant and the Respondent will have a chance to review the investigation report. If the Respondent accepts the findings of the investigation and the responsibility of the alleged violation of policies, the Title IX coordinator or a deputy coordinator will review the consequent sanctions that will be imposed with the Respondent. If the student Respondent does not accept the findings of the investigation and/or take responsibility of the alleged violation of identified policies, the Sexual Misconduct Hearing Panel will be convened (in the case of students) to hear the case. When the Respondent is a St. Norbert College employee, the hearing board and the grievance process will be initiated through the office of Human Resources.