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Rights and Responsibilities

St. Norbert College is committed to building a campus community that is informed, proactive, and in strict adherence to the relevant state and federal regulations (including Campus SaVE Act (VAWA)). 

All Title IX complaints will be take seriously and investigated promptly with the utmost sensitivity, in order to determine how best to ensure safety and well-being of specific individuals as well as the greater college community.

Rights of the Complainant (Victim/Survivor) 

  • To receive a copy of the filed complaint
  • To note conflicts of interest for any hearing board member
  • To have someone serve as an advisor and provide support to the Complainant
  • To have a closed hearing
  • To not have irrelevant sexual history discussed during the hearing
  • To be informed about the status of the case at any time
  • To be informed about the outcome and sanctions (if applicable)
  • To appeal the decision of the hearing board

Rights of the Respondent (Accused) To receive a copy of the filed complaint

  • To be informed about the charges and the judiciary process
  • To have a fair, impartial and timely hearing
  • To have an advisor to provide support to the Respondent
  • To remain silent
  • To testify on their own behalf
  • To be informed of the findings and outcome of the hearing
  • To appeal the decision of the hearing board

Additional details on your reporting rights and options are available through a Title IX Know Your Rights publication from the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.
Responding to Sexual Misconduct or Assault

To submit a Title IX Report on-line:

To make a Report in-person contact:

Campus Safety
Pennings Activity Center

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