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2013-14 Alternative Break TRIPS Destinations

NOTE: All trip application fees include transportation, community lodging, meals, and program fees.

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Children's Health
Destination: Memphis, TN

Description: Are you interested in learning more about children’s health issues?  Come along with us to Children’s hospital in Memphis, TN. We will work with children of all ages serving as anything from a bedside buddy to a special events or activities coordinator.  We will also have an opportunity to shadow a doctor for a day and really see what a day in their footsteps is like. While we’re there we may stop by St. Jude’s children’s hospital and serve too. Join us on this fantastic health related trip!



 Urban Education
Destination: Chicago

Description: The urban education trip to Chicago is one of the longest running TRIPS experiences.  Groups from SNC have been traveling to St. Benedict the African School for the last 25 years.  While in Chicago, students stay at the Amate House and interact with young people who have committed one or year to post-graduation service.  



Destination: New York, NY

Description: Learn more about the impact of HIV/AIDS nationally and internationally while serving at NYC organizations addressing the needs of people affected by this ongoing epidemic.   

  • Dates: January 18-25, 2014
  • Cost $325 (Will fly out of Milwaukee).
  • Trip Leaders: Danny Carpenter and Riley Smith
  • Number of SNC students: 12
  • Link of Related Interest:  



Elderly Outreach Christmas in Action
Destination: Spartanburg, South Carolina

Description: Christmas In Action is a non-profit organization and their vision is to be a force in preventing sub-standard housing. They achieve this vision by rehabilitating homes of the elderly, disabled, and otherwise disadvantaged homeowners.  Students will work on home repair projects alongside other volunteers and partner throughout the community. 



International Medical Trip (Participants selected in Spring 2013)

Description: Global Brigades offers a 9 day Medical/Public Health Brigade.  Shadow licensed doctors in medical consultations and assist in a pharmacy under the direction of licensed pharmacists.  Tour of surrounding area, three clinic days, and three public health project implementation days. Through these public health brigade days you will get the unique opportunity to learn about Global Brigades’ sustainable holistic model.
  • Dates: January 10-25, 2014
  • Cost: $950 
  • Trip Leader: Sara Hafenbreadl
  • Number of SNC students: 4 (Spanish speakers preferred)
  • Links of Related Interest: Global Brigades



 Affordable Housing
Little Rock, AR

Description: Let’s Rock Little Rock! Construction! Deconstruction! Painting! Roofing! Restoring! Come join us for a transformational week in Little Rock, Arkansas  as we partner with Habitat for Humanity. Through service, learning and fun we will immerse ourselves in the rich southern culture and history of the south while giving back and changing lives!


St. Lucia West Indies (Participants selected in Spring 2013)
International Poverty

Description: Would you like to go on an International TRIP to do various types of mission work that focus on international poverty? Then join St. Norbert TRIPS Program and the Good News family from Wausau on the Island of St. Lucia.  Here we will work together with participants of various ages and faiths. On the island of St. Lucia you will live at the Pastoral Center and work in the capital, Castries, and other smaller villages.  Projects consist  of home construction, painting, craft work, music, medical care, and visiting homes and prisons. Will fly out of Milwaukee.
  • Dates: January 3-17, 2014
  • Cost: $950 (Will fly out of Chicago)
  • Trip Leader: Lindsey Osgood
  • Number of SNC students: 6
  • Links of Related Interest: Good News




Adults with Disabilities-L'Arche
Destination: Iowa

Description: L’Arche is an organization/community that is dedicated to the creation and growth of homes, programs, and support networks with people who have intellectual disabilities. Their mission is to make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities, to foster the development of communities that respond to members' changing needs, and to engage with local cultures while working toward a more human society. Join us for this incredible trip, and to truly make a life-changing difference in the lives of the individuals you meet!



Destination: Boston, MA 

Description: Do you recognize the positive power of business? Are you interested in using classroom knowledge to change the shape of other communities? St. Norbert ENACTUS was established in 2001 and has quickly grown from just a few passionate students to a business based program that is recognized by not only our local community, but also by Fortune 500 companies around the world. ENACTUS motto, A head for business. A heart for the world. TRIP members will have the chance to work on a series of different business-related service projects. Projects will range from teaching financial literacy classes, running mock interviews, resume building workshops, food drives, Christmas drives, educating staff about healthy living through 5418, and much more!

Not a member of ENACTUS? That's alright! Although we encourage participants to check out the ENACTUS Facebook page in order to learn a little more about our mission and role as business-minded students in the community, anyone who has a passion for service is welcome to apply.





 Urban Education
Destination: Milwaukee, WI

Description: Participants will work side by side with SNC alumni teachers while learning about the school choice system in Milwaukee.  SNC students will get the chance to participate in hands on classroom teaching experiences.




Poverty and Homelessness
Washington, D.C.

Description: Serve at the nation's largest homeless shelter, in the soup kitchens and deliver blankets or meals on the street. Move beyond the issue and discover the true root cause of homelessness in America and what we can do about it, from direct service to activism right in the nation's capitol. Will fly out of Milwaukee.



Environmental Issues
Destination: Upper Michigan

Description: Come on this trip over long weekend to understand the impact you can make on our environment through sustainability and alternative resources.



Poverty - Men's Trip
Philadelphia, PA

Description: A unique opportunity for the Men of St. Norbert to be a part of the Norbertine Community in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Participants will work closely with a Men’s emergency shelter offering support to and forming bonds with over 300 of the city’s homeless as well as with each other.




New Orleans, LA
Urban Education-Post Katrina

Description: Spend a week understanding and impacting Post-Katrina New Orleans school systems. Create services such as literacy nights for parents, lessons and tutoring for one-on-one interaction with students and engage in discussion of education in urban settings with teachers who live it every day. Also have a chance to experience the culture of New Orleans through service projects, such as feeding the hungry. Have a chance to hear first hand how the hurricane effected the residents of New Orleans. This trip is offered to education majors only as credit for the EDUC 386. EDUC 350 is required for this trip. Weekly meetings will consist of normal TRIPS activities as well as discussions on readings as part of the course. All participants must register for EDUC 386 and pay J-term tuition  and fees of $1,993.50 for the 2014 January Term.





Preventative Health
Destination: Mississippi

Description: Come to Mississippi, the state with the highest obesity rates, to learn about the prevention of health issues, exercise, nutrition and general health as both a social and biological issue. We will be working with school aged children in schools and at after school programs, teaching them about why it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. We will also talk with doctors and faculty at the University of Southern Mississippi about public health and the aspects of nutrition and exercise as prevention in the United States.

  • Dates: January 18-25, 2014
  • Cost $200  (Driving trip)
  • Trip Leaders: Sarah Serdar and Reed Colling
  • Number of SNC students: 12




Urban Education
Destination: Milwaukee, WI

Description: Participants will work side by side with SNC alumni teachers while learning about the school choice system in Milwaukee.  SNC students will get the chance to participate in hands on classroom teaching experiences.


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