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Lead a Turning Responsibility into Powerful Service (TRIPS) Trip!

Turning Responsibility Into Powerful Service is the purpose of the St. Norbert College TRIPS program. Co-sponsored by the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning and Campus Ministry, TRIPS gives students an opportunity to put their values and convictions into action through service. We offer 12-15 alternative winter break, spring break and long weekend trips rooted in the ideal that service can change lives when offered by a community that is willing to reflect and learn together. Trip participants live simply (low-cost meals, transportation, and housing) and as part of a trip community (shared leadership and decision-making). These trips are designed to challenge students personally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Trip Leader General Qualifications
• Must be responsible, reliable, flexible, and able to work well with others
• Good planning, communication, and organizational skills
• Able to effectively prioritize and manage multiple projects
• Able to work independently, take initiative, and be a strong team player
• Interest in and willingness to support TRIPS philosophy
• Must be in good standing with St. Norbert College

Trip Leader General Responsibilities
• Attend weekend retreat (September 5-6)
• Attend 7-9 trip leader meetings (1-2 hours each)
• Interview and select trip participants
• Attend the following mandatory meetings (with all participants):
• Organize 4-6 pre-trip meetings and 2-4 post-trip meetings (with all participants)
• Co-lead a group of 8-10 trip participants on a week long service trip
• Research and educate participants about the social justice issue involved in your trip
• Facilitate personal development through reflections of trip participants
• Build team dynamics and facilitate team building activities
• Plan reorientation activity to share learning/experience with community
• Manage finances for trip including fundraising before departure and spending while on trip

Trip Leader Benefits
• Participate in and facilitate service that has national and global impact
• Leadership experience and training that prepares for future successes
• Impact lives of numerous students on campus and individuals throughout the world
•Understanding of social justice issues
•Problem solving and critical thinking skill development
• Opportunity to work with a fantastic organization on campus


Online Trips Leader Application Form & Agreement

All fields must have answers in them, before submission will be accepted.

SNC Student ID#:
Suite Box Number:
Cell Phone:
At times, the TRIPS program will publicize our student experiences. Please provide the name of your hometown newspaper.
Cumulative GPA:
Are you in good standing with the college?

If no, why not?
Will you be on campus for both semesters next year?

If not, why?
Will you be at least 20 years old before your preferred trip and be willing to drive a minivan?
Have you taken the St. Norbert College defensive driving course?
Are you willing to take the St. Norbert College defensive driving course?
T-shirt Size:
Date of Birth:
Year of Graduation:
Have you been on a trip before? If yes, please list previous TRIPS:
Why do you want to be a trip leader?
What social justice issue are you most passionate about and why? What experience do you have with that issue?
Provide an example of when you were pushed outside your comfort zone and how the experience impacted you.
What other major commitments do you have next year
beyond classes (i.e. jobs, committees, student teaching, study abroad)?

Please rank in order, your top three TRIP preference as well as the time of year you would prefer.

NOTE: International TRIP leaders will be interviewing and selecting participants prior to the end of the 2013-14 academic year. 

 TRIP Preference 1:

 TRIP Preference 2:

TRIP Preference 3:

Time of TRIP Preference 1:

Time of TRIP Preference 2:

What qualities characterize effective leadership? How does your leadership style reflect these qualities?
Do you have  any mental or physical  limitations we should be aware of?
Interviews are scheduled for Tuesday, April 15th on advisement day from 9am-5pm. Are you available for a 30 minute interview during this time? If no, why not?
Provide the names of two leadership/work references
(at least one on-campus). Please include their phone number as well as their relationship to you.

Turning Responsibility into Powerful Service

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