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Program of Faith, Learning and Vocation ALIVE Team Apprentice Application

IMPORTANT - To apply for a position as an ALIVE Apprentice you must complete the application below in its entirety. Before you begin, please carefully read section 1.


You will need to prepare one document to address each of the requirements listed. Upload the document where indicated below and then continue filling out the application.

ATHLETES- Due to scheduling conflicts, students are unable to participate in most fall and winter sports and work on the ALIVE Team.

For full consideration, applications must be received no later than Monday, January 27, 2014.

I. Short Essay and Activities, Employment and Honors

Please upload one document that will include both Parts A and B.  Be sure to include your name at the top of this document. Microsoft Word or a pdf file are preferred.

Part A : A short essay (1-2 typed pages) that responds to both of the following questions:

  1. Briefly describe a person or an event that has impacted your spirituality. How did that person or event affect your spiritual growth?

  2. Why do you want to be in a position as a spiritual leader among your peers? In other words, why do you want to be an ALIVE apprentice? What gifts and skills would you bring to the position?

Part B: One typed list showing:
  1. Employment, honors and activities during high school. Be sure to include any activities of a spiritual nature (such as Church youth groups, retreats, etc.)

  2. Activities and other commitments (including other on- or off-campus employment positions) that you expect to have in the upcoming academic year (involvements such as athletics, job at home, groups you may be interested in joining, etc.)

  3. Past experiences of being in a position as a spiritual leader among your peers.

Upload here:
II. Applicant Information

Full name:
Home phone:
Your cell phone:
Street address:
Zip code:
High school:
High school GPA:
Hometown church:
St, Norbert ID # (if available)
Possible major(s)/minor(s)/
areas of Study:
Current career interests/life goals
How did you hear about the ALIVE team?
III. Position Placement Interest

ALIVE Team Apprentices must live in the halls they serve - a coordinating effort between our office and the Department of Residential Education and Housing. Please rank your interest in the possible placements with your highest interest as #1, etc. Please do not rank any locations for which you have no interest.

First Choice

Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice

Honors Program

 Typically, Bergstrom Hall is reserved for first year students in the Honors Program. Do you intend to apply for the Honors Program?
Not Sure
IV. References 

Ask two (2) people who know you and your work well to be a reference for you. References from peers and relatives are not accepted. You must provide one reference for each of the following two categories:

1) Spiritual Reference: This reference must be someone who is familiar with your spiritual life.  Ideally, he or she will have a position such as priest/pastor, (lay) minister, or catechist/religion teacher.

2) Other Reference: This reference should know you and your work well, preferably a work supervisor or teacher.  You may also submit an additional spiritual reference as your "other" reference.

Enter your references' names and email addresses below, and we will send them a link to the reference form by the next business day. Please note that we must hear from references by Wednesday, January 30, 2013 in order to consider you fully for an interview.

Spiritual reference name (1):      
Spiritual reference e-mail (1):      
Please describe why you have chosen this person as your spiritual reference.

Other reference name (2):      
Other reference e-mail (2):      
Please describe your relationship with this reference.
V. Interview

The Program of Faith, Learning and Vocation will contact you to acknowledge receiving your application, and where applicable, to schedule an interview. We anticipate being unable to interview all applicants.

If, after submitting your complete application before the deadline, you plan to be on campus (especially if traveling a long distance) feel free to contact our office to check the status of your application and whether we are prepared to make a decision regarding an interview.  We may be able to coordinate an interview with your time on campus.

Please check any of the following positions/programs you are also applying for:
Research Fellow
STAR Program

Although you may apply for multiple positions, you cannot participate in more than one of these programs. If we choose to offer you an interview, we will do our best to coordinate our interview time with the other programs (if applicable) while you are on campus.

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