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Program of Faith, Learning and Vocation ALIVE Team Student Coordinator Application
IMPORTANT: To apply for a position as an ALIVE Team Student Coordinator you must complete the application below in its entirety. Before you begin, please carefully read section II. You will need to prepare one document to address each of the requirements listed. Applications are due by Friday, February 8, 2013.
I. Applicant Information
Name: Phone # (Where you are most easily reached):
Email: Class Year in '13-'14:
SNC Suite: Cumulative GPA:
Student ID #:
Major(s)/Minor(s)/Areas of Study
Current Career Interests
Will you be available during the entire academic year?
If no, which semester do you expect to be on campus?
Are you applying for any other campus positions for 2013-2014? Please check all that apply:
None at this time
RA Position
Academic Department TA
Campus Ministry
If you selected "Other" above, please describe position(s):
**Please note that while students are welcome to apply for multiple positions, certain campus jobs do conflict with a position on the ALIVE Team. 
II. Short Essay and List of Activities/Commitments, Employment and Spiritual Leadership

Please upload one document that will include the following.

Responses to the following questions (1 - 2 pages total):

  1. What have been your past experiences with the ALIVE Team? How have you grown spiritually (or otherwise) due to your involvement with the ALIVE Team?

  2. Why do you want to be a member of the ALIVE Team? What gifts and skills do you have that would make you a good ALIVE Team member and campus leader?

  3. Explain how you have served as a role model on campus.
  4. What would your work as an ALIVE Team member look like next year? Give concrete examples of the types of activities and/or programs you would offer, whom you would try to reach out to, and why.

  5. What would you hope to see as the outcomes of your efforts next year? What difference would your work make?

  6. How would your role as an ALIVE Team Member contribute to the mission of St. Norbert College?

A typed list showing:
  1. Activities and commitments (both on or off- campus) that you expect to have in the '13-'14 school year. *Please note that due to time commitments, ALIVE Team members are typically unable to be involved in some activities and programs, such as FYE Mentors and Fall/Winter Athletics.

  2. Prior employment

  3. Relevant honors, leadership roles, and/or one- and off-campus activities (during college only)
  4. Past experiences of being in a position as a spiritual leader among your peers

UPLOAD HERE               

III. Position Placement Interest

All applicants (except Michels and Bergstrom): an agreement between Residential Ed and Housing and our program allows you to have a room in the hall where your position is, and exempts you (and those you choose to live with) from the housing process. 

Please read the position descriptions below and then list the halls/positions for which you are applying, in order of interest. Please list only those that you are interested in.  Leave the other choices blank.

Upperclass Team Positions

Currently, students work with three or four other team members to serve all upperclass students. Team members play a special role in Michels Hall, where they plan and lead reflection sessions with the suites on the topic of their service experiences. For all upperclass students, ALIVE Team members plan 2-3 programs per month designed to meet the spiritual and vocational needs of older students. Team members will also work on individual projects as needs arise. Programs take place both in central locations on campus and within upperclass residence halls.

One person on the upperclass hall team will be designated as the team leader. This person acts as a liaison with the supervisor and is responsible for running the office hours and ensuring that all tasks are being completed. He/She can expect to put in an additional hour per week for this position.

Students will preferably live in Michels, MMM or VMC. Our program can arrange housing in MMM and VMC for team members and their roommates.  However, applicants wishing to live in Michels Hall are required to apply through the usual process with REH.

These position descriptions may be adjusted to meet the changing needs of upperclass students.

First Year Residence Hall Positions (Bergstrom, Burke, Mad/Lor, Sensenbrenner)

These positions will involve the opportunity to mentor first year student leaders, ALIVE Team Apprentices, creating a ministry team of one student coordinator with two apprentices. Click here for more information on apprentices.

Although it is not required, preference may be given to applicants who are willing to live in their hall. Bergstrom applicants, however, will not be able to live in Bergstrom. If not living in the assigned hall, student coordinators are expected to be actively present to the residents and are on their own in the housing selection process.

Student Team Coordinator

This position is open to students who are currently serving as ALIVE Team coordinators, or who have completed a year as an ALIVE Team coordinator in the past.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: acting as a mentor/liaison to the apprentices, supervising the apprentice-led project, observing and evaluating hall programs, sending ALIVEwaves, and assisting in training and retreat planning.


Please rank your interest in the following positions for which you are applying.
It is
not necessary to make a selection for all six choices below.

First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Fifth Choice
Sixth Choice
*If interested in the Upperclass Team, would you like to be considered for the team leader position?
IV. References  
New ALIVE Team Applicants

Please ask two (2) people who know you and your work (professors, supervisors, etc.) to be a reference for you. At least one of your references must be someone who is familiar with your spiritual life, such as a priest/minister, lay minister or a Religious Studies faculty member.

If we offer you an interview, we will then email your references with a link to the reference form.

Reference Name (1): Reference email (1):
Reference Name (2): Reference email (2):

Returning ALIVE Team Applicants: No references are needed for returning members.

V. Interview

The Program of Faith, Learning and Vocation will contact you to acknowledge receiving your application, and where applicable, to schedule an interview.

Thank you!
Your application will be submitted to Faith, Learning & Vocation. If you experience difficulty submitting the form or have any questions, please contact Rebecca Welch at (920)403-4255 or

Faith, Learning & Vocation

Phone: (920) 403-3155
Fax: (920) 403-4043

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