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Health Risk Assessment

Have you ever wondered how healthy you are? If you have any health risks? Or, what you can do to become healthier? If so, your first step is to do a Health Risk Assessment (HRA). It's as simple as a 15-minute appointment.

Your HRA will include a biometric health screening to measure your blood pressure, body mass index, body fat content, blood cholesterol, height, weight and blood sugar.

Next, a Prevea health coach will help you complete a lifestyle questionnaire. It will assess your current lifestyle habits, family history, nutrition practices, physical activity and exercise habits, personal stress perceptions and smoking history.

A health coach will then discuss your results, map your wellness goals; answer your questions; and discuss lifestyle changes you would like to make. HRA’s are completely confidential.

Reminder, if you want to participate in the Wellness Incentive Program, you must have a Health Risk Assessment.

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