St. Norbert College provides health and wellness resources to engage its employees in proactively reducing their personal health risks, promoting safe, healthy behaviors and improving their quality of life.

Wellness Incentive Program

Your health is important to us! In the coming 12 months, we challenge you to make healthy choices, have screenings, exercise and increase your wellness knowledge. Making the effort to be healthy can pay off in so many ways!

In order to participate in the Wellness Incentive Program, you must complete in a Health Risk Assessment.

Your Goal
Accumulate as many points as possible (while improving your health) from Sept. 1, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2015.

The incentive plan year has been extended due to the change in the college’s health plan year. The amount you can earn has gone up, too!

1,000 points: $50
2,000 points: $100
3,000 points: Entry into a raffle to win other prizes!

To enroll, complete the Wellness Incentive Program enrollment and waiver form. This form should be returned to Human Resources by Sept. 30, 2014.

Wellness Incentive Program (PDF)

Get points by completing any of the following activities:

Points Each Points Total Description
Health Risk Assessment 200 200 Schedule a 30-minute Health Risk Assessment (HRA). Your HRA will include biometric health screening along with a lifestyle questionnaire. You will then work with a health coach to map out your wellness goals and discuss any lifestyle changes needed to create a healthier life.
Annual physical
200 Complete and have your physician sign the screening completion form. Send the form to Human Resources.
Quarterly biometric screenings (max of four and performed at Health and Wellness Services)
200 Have your blood pressure and glucose recorded. Screenings will be performed at Health and Wellness Services.
Preventive care (max of two):
• Dental exam
• Eye exam
• Mammogram
• Colonoscopy
• Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test
400 Complete and have your physician sign the screening completion form. Send the form to Human Resources.
Activity programs (max of two)
• Wellness challenges 
400 Compete in up to two wellness challenges, including: Take the Challenge 2, and Maintain, Don’t Gain challenge.
Walking programs
• SNC spring walking program
• Community walks (max of four) 
Take part in up to four community walks throughout the year. Also, participate in the SNC walking program program and hit an average of 5,000 steps per day.
GetFit (max of three)
• Attend 20 classes
600 Enroll in GetFit and get points for every 20 classes you attend.
Boot Camp (max of two)
• Attend all classes 
200 400 Enroll in Boot Camp and attend all classes in a session.
Educational wellness seminars (max of six)
50 300 Attend up to six St. Norbert College wellness seminars. Lunch & Learns will be offered throughout the year on a variety of healthy topics.
(30 minutes per day/five times per week)
50 per month 600 Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, at least five times a week.