Peter Dahl

Senior, Consultant since Fall 2013

Advice for writers
Know your voice. If you read through your paper and say to yourself, “That sounds dumb; I would never say something that way,” then you should craft your words to match with the way you think, speak and express yourself so the paper sounds like you. Otherwise, you might find yourself distancing yourself from the paper and the ideas in it, and you will lose ownership over something you should be proud of. That being said, do not write the way you would speak amongst your friends or in casual conversation. Strive for professionalism.

How do you get started on a writing assignment?
I try to find what my ideas really are. Sometimes I do not actually know how I feel or which ideas I am trying to convey until I am well into the writing process. Usually I just start writing, and eventually I realize where the paper is going, and the rest is easy.