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Message from the President: Alumni Connections

April 23, 2013

To our alumni friends:

Since my last report, I’ve been on the road quite a bit. Most of this travel has been for college business, though some has been more personal in nature. For instance, over Easter, Deb and I got away to California to check up on our new grandchild, Gavin. (I almost said FIRST grandchild, which we can chalk up to wishful thinking!)

Whatever the reason we’re on the road, we try to arrange alumni gatherings when it’s feasible. Todd Danen, whom you all know as the world’s tallest alumni director, and his team have done a great job in ramping up the number of alumni events we’re hosting, as well as their variety.

For instance, a few weeks ago in New York, about 20 alums and friends got together at a chic bar on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. We saw some longtime friends, among them our gracious hosts Jud Schumacher ’78 and Kathy Dorosz ’61, but we were especially gratified this time to welcome some new ones. These are alums such as Jeremy Davidson ’00, who is finance manager at Sirius XM satellite radio; and Mary Spadoni ’06, who is making a successful career in theater as a stage director (now working mostly off-Broadway but heading straight for the Great White Way!); and Yuko Endo ’07, who works for a Japanese bank. These young transplants adore their new home even as they retain their Midwest roots and values – and devotion to SNC.

Out in San Diego, we met for drinks at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the rolling waves of the Pacific, exchanging stories as the sun slid into the ocean. And just the other day we were in Washington, D.C., where more than 50 of our alumni noshed and reminisced in the elegant boardroom of the National Geographic Society.

SNC has just under 19,000 living alumni. And as I suggested above, they literally stretch from sea to shining sea.

Most are where you would expect: some 3,600 live in greater Green Bay (including Door County); over 1,400 are in the Fox Valley; 3,000 are in and around Milwaukee; almost 3,400 call Chicagoland home; 600 are in the Twin Cities area; and 840 reside in Madison and environs.

But almost 300 live in greater Washington, and about the same number live throughout California. About 150 each have settled in Phoenix and Denver; and about 100 each can be found in Atlanta, St. Petersburg, Fla., and Philadelphia.

To stay connected with as many of you as possible, Todd and his Office of Alumni and Parent Relations have dramatically increased the number of events they sponsor. They did 32 such gatherings last year, compared to 19 in 2011. These events range from straightforward receptions to Brewers and Cubs baseball games to Sunday Mass/brunches to golf tournaments to theme-park outings for the whole family.

Needless to say, these get-togethers with you are among the most enjoyable parts of my job. Each time, I’m reminded that while Green Knights wind up all over the country, and even the world, your hearts are never very far from De Pere.