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David Duquette

Professor of Philosophy

B.A., University of New Hampshire
M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
M.Phil, University of Kansas
Ph.D., University of Kansas

Programs: Philosophy, Classical Studies, Political Science

My primary interest both in teaching and research is the history of political thought. My graduate work focused on the study of G. W. F. Hegel and Karl Marx, and since I have been at St. Norbert College I have published in this area, as well as on other topics in political philosophy, including the philosophy of human rights and just war theory.

More broadly, I have an abiding interest in the history of philosophy and teach courses that attempt to convey to students the importance of seeing continuity in the course of philosophical and political ideas, and that a careful study of their development can bring insights into human nature and the human condition.

I am a long standing member and participant in the Hegel Society of America and the American Division of the Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy and serve on the editorial boards of several professional philosophy journals. I am also the editor of the volume Hegel's History of Philosophy: New Interpretations (SUNY Press, 2003).

PHIL 120 Philosophy of Human Nature
PHIL 314/CLAS 314/POLI 314 Classical and Medieval Political Thought
PHIL 316/POLI 316 Modern Political Thought
PHIL 300 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 310 Existentialism