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Debra Faase

Director of Field Experience

B.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
M.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Administration
K-12 Certification, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Programs: Education

I come to the education discipline as a reading instructor and director of field experiences after a career as a teacher and elementary school principal in Milwaukee, Wis.

My love of reading instruction began when I was fortunate to work with renowned people in reading, namely Ken and Yetta Goodman and Dorothy Watson. I bring their philosophy of developmental reading and my own passion to imbue our students with a sense of the magic that reading is in the lives of young children.

My courses are filled with a blend of content, teaching methods, classroom management and guidance to help students find their own professional voice.

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EDUC 350 Developmental Reading 
EDUC 386 Improving Reading in Elementary/Middle School 
EDUC 440 Student-Teaching Elementary 
EDUC 445 Student-Teaching Middle Childhood 
EDUC 450 Student-Teaching Early Adolescence 
EDUC 455 Student-Teaching Adolescence 
Student Teaching Seminar 
Professional Growth Seminar

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