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Joy Pahl

Associate Professor of Business Administration
Director of the International Business and Language Area Studies Program

B. S., Minnesota State University, Mankato
M.B.A., Minnesota State University, Mankato
Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Programs: Business AdministrationInternational Business and Language Area Studies

I cherish my role as a professor. Students challenge me to challenge them, although they may not realize this. Each time a student surprises me with a certain insight or a particularly astute conclusion, I see more and more potential – not only in that particular student but also in all students. As a person in this complicated world, I enter relationships with one basic assumption: that people are good and that they deserve my best. When I encounter a group of students for the first time, and every time, my challenge is, “How can I give them my best so that the good that is in them is most likely to emerge?” 

My scholarship interests connect well to my passion for teaching. Since I use a case-intensive approach to teaching, increasingly, I am focusing on developing business cases that involve strategic and operating decision-making in complex competitive environments. I am also part of a team that developed a strategic decision-making software tool that is described in our paper entitled, “Meta-SWOT: Introducing a New Strategic Planning Tool” (2012). The software tool has proven to be useful to many organizations as they formulate and prepare to implement their strategic plans. Effective strategic management also calls for ethical decision-making: In order to better understand how students perceive ethical issues and how they relate to business situations, I have joined a research team that is currently investigating this question. 

My recreational pursuits are seasonal: curling in the fall and winter, and golfing and biking in the spring and summer. Fortunately, I get to enjoy these pastimes with my husband, Jim, and even with our college-aged children from time to time.

BUAD 230  Foundations of Management
BUAD 262  Introduction to International Business
BUAD 468  Senior Seminar in International Business I
BUAD 469  Senior Seminar in International Business II
BUAD 485  Strategic Management Seminar
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