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Nick Humphrey

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures

B.S., Indiana University 
B.A., Indiana University 

M.A., The Johns Hopkins University 
Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University 

Programs: German

Nick Humphrey came to St. Norbert College in 1988 and is assistant professor of German and the humanities. He specializes in 19th and 20th century German literature. 

His research interests include Heine, Nietzsche, and the aesthetics of the dance. In 1990, he developed a direct exchange program between the College and the Westfälische Wihelms-Universität Münster, a program which immerses German students in an authentic medieval German town setting. 

As a former Fulbright senior scholar who spent a semester teaching German and Civics in Kharkov, Ukraine, he also has helped students prepare successful Fulbright student grant applications. 

GERM 101 Elementary German 1 
GERM 102 Elementary German 2 
GERM 203 Intermediate German 1 
GERM 204 Intermediate German 2 
GERM 304 German Composition 
GERM 375 German Civilization 1 
GERM 376 German Civilization 2 
GERM 400 Senior Capstone Seminar 
GENS 403 Ideal Societies
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