Paul Bursik

Associate Professor of Business Administration

B.A., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Ph.D., Washington State University

Programs: Business Administration

My research interests are in the areas of behavioral finance and sports economics. Behavioral finance studies the “behavior” of both people and prices in the financial markets. Instead of assuming rational behavior at all times, this field dares to look “inside the box,” examining the sometimes flawed and irrational behavior of economic agents as they make decisions and impact security prices. My work has focused on tendencies of investors to overreact to new information, causing stock prices to take wider, predictable swings than rational behavior would suggest.

Sports economics allows me to study professionally that which I enjoy personally. Teaming with several other SNC professors, I have worked on projects that studied realignment issues in Major League Baseball, as well as issues surrounding the public financing of sports venues. Lately, I have been able to join both my interests in behavioral finance and sports economics by examining various potential judgment errors made in both athletic talent evaluation and on-field strategies. Avoiding common errors may allow some teams to win more, despite relatively low payrolls. Those who have read Michael Lewis’s "Moneyball" may recognize this idea – it is at the center of his explanation of the success of the Oakland Athletics in Major League Baseball.

BUAD 256 Personal Finance
BUAD 284 Statistics for Business
BUAD 350 Corporate Finance
BUAD 351 Investments
BUAD 352 Financial Institutions & Markets
BUAD 355 Adv. Financial Management