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Scott Kirst

Assistant Professor of Education

B.S., University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
M.A., St. Norbert College
Ph.D., Walden University

Programs: Education

As a past teacher and professional development specialist in the schools, I feel the need to engage educational leaders inside the schools and community to affect positive social change. Individuals who touch the schools change the future. Positive or negative experiences we have on students can have lasting ramifications.

To understand what path the future of education may take, my areas of interest include educational technology, systems theory/change models for classrooms and schools and developing tools for differentiating mathematics and science instruction. I have a particular interest on the impact schools have as change agents for society.

My teaching objectives seek to create a systems view of education that flows from brain-based educational theories. The main foci of my courses include understanding education and learning as a personal and social exploration using dialogue and reflection. It is my hope that, by engaging students and colleagues with the passion for, and of, education, positive social changes will occur.

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EDUC 260 Foundational Mathematics Evaluation and Enhancement
EDUC 285 Elementary Science Methods
EDUC 286 Elementary Mathematics Methods
EDUC 330 Meeting the Non-Academic Needs of the Middle School Student
EDUC 531 Transformative Self-Assessment
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