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Stuart Korshavn

Associate Professor of Psychology

B.S., California Lutheran College 
M.A., University of Michigan 
Ph.D., University of Michigan 

Programs: Psychology

As a social psychologist, Dr. Stuart Korshavn is interested in how we think about other people. For example, how we form first impressions and how we are limited by our stereotypes. He is also interested in how we influence other people through pressures to conform, demands for obedience and the exercise of leadership, as well as how we interact with other people in relationships based on liking, loving, helping and hurting.

PSYC 100 General Psychology 
PSYC 221 Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
PSYC 301 Basic Principles and Methods of Psychological Research 
PSYC 321 Social Psychology 
PSYC 325 Group Dynamics 
PSYC 420 A History of Psychology
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