Tynisha Meidl

Associate Professor of Teacher Education and Co-Chair of Teacher Education

B.S., Penn State University
M.Ed., University of Texas-Pan American
Ph.D., Penn State University

Programs: Education

As a teacher of pre-service teachers, I feel that it is important for them to see their potential and work to their highest potential.  Because I feel teaching is more than filling empty vessels but the facilitation of knowledge construction, it is imperative that pre-service teachers are able to see the multiplicities each student brings to the classroom. After teaching in the public schools, where I have had both rural and urban experiences, I have learned that we must equip pre-service teachers with the tools to be successful with all students.

My research interests include: culturally relevant pedagogy as it relates to literacy instruction, teacher dissonance in curriculum planning for the literacy classroom, and Freirian based approaches towards literacy education.

EDUC 386 Reading Improvement in the Elementary/Middle School
EDUC 350 Developmental Reading and Language Arts
EDUC 373 The Writing Process