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The study of ancient Greek gives access to literature and thought that is foundational to western civilization. From the great epics of Homer to the earliest historians, poets, playwrights, and the great philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, the Greek language has been the medium of thought and expression for the most profound stirrings of the human spirit.

In the New Testament and the writings of the early fathers of the Church, Christian thought is shaped by forms of Greek expression. Finally, study of ancient Greek language student proficiency with English grammar and vocabulary. Please see the classical studies (CLAS) minor requirements webpage for information on faculty and for the retroactive credit policy for Greek language.

Students who successfully complete GREK 112 Elementary Greek 2 will fulfill the language requirement. Students may also fulfill the language requirement by testing beyond the second semester level on the college’s placement exam, or through alternative means approved by the college.

Course Offerings

GREK / CLAS 111 Greek Elementary 1
Introduction to Attic Greek with emphasis on the grammar, syntax and vocabulary necessary for reading Greek prose and poetry. Fall semester.

GREK / CLAS 112 Elementary Greek 2 (Core: SL)
Continued from CLAS 111, with extended reading passages in Greek prose and poetry. Prerequisite: GREK 111. Spring semester.

GREK / CLAS 213 Intermediate Greek (Core: SL)
Continued study of grammar, syntax and vocabulary of Greek prose and poetry. Readings may include selections from Herodotus, Thucydides, Plato or early Christian texts. Prerequisite:GREK 112. Fall semester.

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