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Interdivisonal Courses

IDIS 100 College Writing
This course helps students develop and discipline their powers of written communication. Students learn about the composing process – planning, shaping, writing, revising, editing and proofreading – and how to apply this process to a series of college writing assignments that include personal narratives, informational summaries, persuasive essays and documented research essays. IDIS 100 can be taken as an elective by students who feel a need for a composition course. The course is required for students who demonstrate a need for a college writing course (as determined by a timed writing sample, college admission scores and high school record). 

IDIS 110 Academic Survival Skills (2 credits)
This course is designed to increase students’ success in college by assisting them in obtaining necessary skills to reach their educational objectives. Topics in the course include time management, study techniques, beginning-career decision-making, test-taking, reading for understanding and retention, note-taking, college resources, decision-making, and memory techniques. 

IDIS 115 College Preparation and Reading (2 credits)
This course presents reading and study techniques that enhance students’ ability to read and retain college-level material. Students learn to implement general strategies for dealing with course material, and strategies to improve vocabulary acquisition, reading rate, critical thinking and comprehension. It also addresses executive-function skills and goal-setting strategies designed to enhance efficient and effective learning. 

IDIS 120 Success Program Participation (0 credits)
This program assists students in reaching their full academic potential by regularly monitoring academic performance, improving study skills and providing guidance necessary to complete college-level work. The Success program is offered by Academic Support Services. Open only to students who are required to participate as a condition of initial or continued enrollment. Repeatable. 

IDIS 180 Intro to Integrative Studies (2 credits)
This seven-week course focuses on the nature of liberal arts education as envisioned under the college’s integrative studies program and the ways in which such an approach leads to a satisfying career and a life well-lived. The interdisciplinary nature of learning that inspires the program provides students with a broad array of skills and knowledge that employers are seeking in college graduates. Course materials include foundational readings drawn from disciplines across the college as well as articles from contemporary journals and periodicals. Prerequisites: First-year students only. Not available for transfer students.

IDIS 310 Language Analysis and Applied Linguistics
This course familiarizes students with different fields of applied linguistics and language analysis, including grammar, semantics, phonology, phonetics, discourse analysis, language acquisition and social linguistics. This course is a requirement for ESL certification. Prerequisite: ENGL 290 or instructor’s consent. 

IDIS 380 Integrative Studies: Junior Seminar
This course will familiarize students with the methods and strategies of interdisciplinary research and show them how to apply these for traction in addressing a specific issue or problem. Students will be assisted in identifying a specific issue for their Integrative Studies "Signature Work" to be completed in their senior year. Prerequisites: IDIS 180; Junior Standing. Fall semester.

IDIS 389 Special Topics in Interdivisional Studies
This course concentrates on a topic pertinent to the current needs and interests of students. Primarily, it focuses on topics that cross division lines and involves two or more interdivisional disciplines.

IDIS 494 Internship (4 credits)
This tuition-free internship course allows non-credit internships to be listed on students’ academic transcript. Studentsare allowed to register for the IDIS 494 course for each term they intern, regardless of whether they are continuing to intern with the same company or with a new company. Course signup isbased on a semester basis as well as an experience basis. For each IDIS 494 listing, the student must return a completed internship learning agreement to Career Services within one week of their start date, participate in a mid-term site visit upon request, and complete an end-of-term online evaluation, which will be dispersed to all student interns regarding the internship experience and to worksite supervisors regarding student performance.

Additionally, students are required to work a minimum of 60 hours at the internship site, which will be documented on the end- of-term evaluations by both the worksite supervisor and the student intern. Students must be interning during the term they are taking the course. Graded: S/U.

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