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Air Conditioning Accommodation

St. Norbert College Standards for Window Air Conditioners

A/C unit
  • Must operate on 120 volt (standard house outlet)
  • Must not be larger than 10,000 BTUs
  • Must be in good, safe operating condition, including cord
  • Must be designed so an exterior support brace is not needed
  • Must fit within the window size opening. 

Window size openings

  • Please check with the office of Residential Education and Housing for the size specifications in your building.

Terms & Conditions
All window air conditioners will be installed and removed by SNC staff only and any window air conditioner not installed by SNC staff will be removed. SNC is not responsible for maintenance or repair of personal A/C units. A two-week notice is required for installation or removals.

By filling out the form below, you are requesting permission to have an air conditioning unit installed in your residence at St. Norbert College. Understanding that air conditioners are only allowed when a medical need exists, you have met with Academic Support Services for the proper documentation. You understand that there is a charge of $175 per academic year. This charge covers installation, removal and electricity. You are responsible for the payment of this charge and for providing the air conditioning unit, within the guidelines provided by the facilities department.

Air Conditioner Request Form
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*Student ID number:
*Residence hall:
*Room number:
*Permanent address:
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