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Special Dietary Accommodations for Students

St. Norbert College is committed to the full participation of students in all aspects of college life, including dining experiences. Students residing in traditional residence halls are required to be on a resident meal plan based on their class standing. However, we realize that in certain situations, students may need to request special dietary accommodations. Students needing an accommodation must complete the following procedure.

How to Request or Change a Dietary Accommodation

  1. Submit the Accommodation Request or Change Form to disclose your disability or update your accommodations. 
  2. Submit your most recent and thorough medical/diagnostic documentation to the office of academic success, support and accessibility. Some forms of documentation that we can accept:
    • Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s)/504 Plans
    • A written diagnosis letter by an appropriate licensed professional
    • The names and scores of psychological and psycho-educational instruments used in arriving at diagnosis, if appropriate. 
    • All appropriate and necessary academic, access and other accommodation recommendations
  3. Submit the Licensed Professional Verification Form to the office of academic success, support and accessibility.
  4. Submit the Special Dietary Accommodation Request Form.

Next Steps ...
After we receive your documentation and request form, we will take the following steps:

  1. Review your file and determine if additional information is required to support your requested accommodation(s)
  2. If necessary, consult other professionals to determine the appropriate accommodation(s) for you
  3. Review and share the information with Dining Services at St. Norbert College
  4. Partner with the registered dietician to determine the appropriate accommodation(s) to meet your needs
You will need to meet with the Registered Dietician to complete the accommodation process.

The submission of a special dietary accommodation request and supporting documentation does not guarantee your request will be granted.
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