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Declare Your Major

If you already know what you would like to major in, terrific! If you don’t know yet, that is totally fine. Your academic advisor will begin talking with you about your interest areas when you meet to sign up for classes. 

Either way, to help us serve you best in advisement and course selection, we need you to complete the program declaration form for our registrar’s office to let us know what you are thinking. 

Teaching Majors and Certification
If you are interested in any form of teaching, including music education, submit the appropriate education certification form. 

Non-Teaching Majors
This will lead you to the form for our majors outside of the teaching field.

Self-Designated Major
Want to create an individualized major? Or are you interested in a humanities and fine arts major that allows you to develop a program of 15 complementary courses within the humanities division? It takes a few extra steps, but if this is the route you are interested in, complete one of these forms and talk with your advisor at orientation to let them know your plan. 

Certificate Programs
St. Norbert offers a certificate program in pre-law. Language certificates are offered in French, German, Japanese and Spanish. A language certificate recognizes successful demonstration of intermediate-level proficiency in the language for students who choose not to pursue a language major or minor.

>> Submit the program declaration form