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Media Release Information

We’re proud of our students at St. Norbert. In fact, we really like to show off their successes. We’re pretty sure you’re going to do some noteworthy things over your four years here, too. Who knows, we may want to feature you in marketing and promotion materials, or submit your accomplishments to newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the college website, to name a few.

To prepare for that, we’d like you to electronically sign the media release form below so we don’t have to bug you each time you do something great. And we think you’re going to do a LOT of great things. Don’t worry - our goal is always to present you in the very best light possible.

Please read the statement below, then submit the form and check this off your to-do list.

I, being an adult and student of St. Norbert College, hereby allow the college to share my image and voice in photography, video and audio productions - in any media deemed necessary - by St. Norbert College for publicity purposes of my activities and achievements at the college as well as for college promotion, reporting and publicity. The college is released from liability under Sec. 895.50 Wis. Stats.

Personal Information
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