The Norbertine’s encourage us to express “radical hospitality” - and so we do! Feel it for yourself as you start your college adventure.

Week of Welcome

As part of your First Year Experience (FYE), we kick off the academic year with an official SNC Week of Welcome (WOW). It’s designed to introduce you not only to FYE and your FYE mentors, but also to the social and co-curricular aspects of college life. WOW helps you settle into your new environment more comfortably.

On move-in day, you’ll discover your FYE group (there are about 18 students per group). Your group will meet with an upperclass student mentor and one faculty or staff facilitator periodically throughout your first six weeks of school. Your first month of college gives you a strong foundation for the next four years, so we really stress the importance of participating in your FYE group meetings. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know some terrific new people!