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Student Enrollment Form

Please complete the form below. Information provided will be used by a variety of offices at St. Norbert College to assist you throughout your college career, including matching you with a temporary academic advisor during Summer Orientation.

Student Enrollment Form
*Student first name:
Student middle name:
*Student last name:
*St. Norbert College ID number:
*Student email address:
*Student cell phone number:
Are You Hispanic or Latino? (A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.)   Yes  No 
Select one or more of the following races:  American Indian or Alaska Native
 Black or African American
 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
What is the highest level of school completed by Parent 1:
What is the highest level of school completed by Parent 2:
*Have you been convicted of a felony?  Yes  No
If you have been convicted of a felony, provide an explanation of the nature of the conviction as well as date(s) of the incident(s).
Educational Information
*Intended major:
*Intended minor:
Any additional majors or minors?
Academic interests:
Career interests:
Strongest subjects:
Weakest subjects:
AP, IB or college courses:
Do you have any academic questions or concerns?:
Co-Curricular Information
Athletic involvement and years involved (e.g. football: 3 years; dance: 2 years):
Non-athletic involvement and years involved (e.g. student council: 4 years; FBLA: 2 years):
Leadership positions (e.g. editor-in-chief, newspaper; president, student council; secretary, NHS):
Media Release
*Please check the box below to authorize the use of your image or likeness (required).

‘I, being an adult and student of St. Norbert College, hereby allow the college to share my image and voice in photography, video and audio productions — in any media deemed necessary — by St. Norbert College for publicity purposes of my activities and achievements at the college as well as for college promotion, reporting and publicity.’

The college is released from liability under Sec. 895.50 Wis. Stats.

 Yes, I authorize the use of my image and likeness.
 No, I do not authorize the use of my image and likeness.
Why SNC?
*Please select any/all reason(s) why you chose to enroll at SNC.  Academic reputation
 Campus facilities
 Catholic tradition
 Distance from home
 Family legacy
 Financial aid
 Involvement opportunities
 Program(s) of study
 Other, please list:
Please add any additional information, thoughts, comments or suggestions you have on your choice to attend St. Norbert College.
After successfully submitting this form by clicking the submit button below, you will be directed to the Academic Honor Code webpage. You are responsible for reading the Honor Code and submitting the Academic Honor Code Pledge form.
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