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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply to transfer?
Enrolling for spring semester: You may apply any time between August and December. However, if you’re currently enrolled elsewhere, your application decision may be postponed until early December when your fall semester grades are received.

Enrolling for fall semester: You may apply any time between February and August. If you’re currently enrolled elsewhere, your application decision may be postponed until your spring semester grades are received.

Are scholarships available for transfer students?
Yes. Transfer students are eligible for transfer merit scholarships upon admission. If you applied to St. Norbert and were admitted your senior year of high school, then transfered after a semester elsewhere, you may be eligible to retain the scholarship your received as a high school senior.

What will it cost to attend St. Norbert College?
Your cost will depend on several factors including which transfer scholarship you receive upon admission, plus any need-based financial aid you qualify for through the FAFSA. 

If you’re enrolling for spring, you can update last year’s FAFSA to have it sent to St. Norbert College. SNC’s FAFSA code is 003892.

If you’re enrolling for fall, you can submit a FAFSA any time after Oct. 1.

What kind of housing is available?
As a residential campus, students live on campus throughout their college career, unless formally released by the office of residential education and housing. Transfer students can enjoy a wide range of housing options. Housing options are determined by a student’s age and their preferences for available options.

Learn more about applying for commuter status

How do I know if my credits will transfer?
Typically, college/university credits earned during or after high school (including community college and technical college) can transfer to SNC if the student earned a C or better in the course. How credits will transfer (i.e., as direct equivalents or as elective credit) will be determined by the registrar’s office after a student enrolls at SNC.

Prior to this, however, transfer students receive an informal credit evaluation from the director of academic advising once the student is admitted to St. Norbert College.

Students can also get an idea of how credits have historically transferred from other institutions by looking at our transfer guides. These are non-binding examples and are not an exhaustive list of institutions from which credit is accepted or what courses can transfer. 

Is there orientation for transfer students?
Yes. Orientation is highly recommended for all transfer students. This orientation will help you to acclimate to St. Norbert College as well as learn about all of the departments and services that are available to St. Norbert College students. Register online for transfer student orientation for the coming term.

Will AP and IB credits taken in high school transfer?
It depends. As a general rule, a three or better on an AP exam will earn transfer credit. For IB, a student must earn a four or better on a Higher Level IB course examination for the credit to transfer. Learn more about how to submit scores.

I’ve applied to St. Norbert College in the past ... do I need to complete the whole application process again?
It depends. Depending on how recently you’ve previously applied, you may only need to provide a few pieces of information. Contact your transfer admission counselor to discuss what you’ll need.

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