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Resources For Students

Advisement Resources

Below are some tools that will help you prepare for your advisement meeting with your advisor. You should come to your advisement meeting with questions, an idea of what classes you'd like to take, and ready to discuss your progress in your current classes. You will want to be familiar with your degree audit in DegreeWorks and begin building an academic plan in DegreeWorks. Your advisor expects you to be prepared and on time for your meeting so be sure that you are!

How to prepare for your advisement meeting

Just like you would prepare for class, you will want to prepare for your advisement meeting with your advisor. For advisement days, make sure you have your appointment set up in advanced. Be sure to be on time and prepared to discuss:

  • Progress in your current classes 
  • An idea of what classes you want to take over the next year - be sure to have looked at the timetable first!
  • Your longer term educational and career goals
  • Any questions you have regarding your academic success at St. Norbert
  • Review the Advising Syllabus
  • Be familiar with KnightLine, DegreeWorks and creating a plan in DegreeWorks

Make sure you review these online resources to help you prepare:

How to Register for Classes in KnightLine

On your registration day/time you will register for classes via KnightLine. Follow these steps to register:

  1. Log into KnightLine
  2. Go to Student Services
  3. Go to Registration
  4. Select the correct term
  5. Agree to registration terms
  6. Search for classes or enter the CRNs
  7. Submit class selection
Degree Works and the Student Planner
DegreeWorks is our electronic degree audit. This allows you to view in real time your progress towards your degree, major and minor information. You can also develop an academic plan in DegreeWorks while you are at St. Norbert. You can develop a plan for a semester or for your entire four years here. You are encouraged to develop a comprehensive four year plan by the end of your first year at St. Norbert. Below are two tutorial videos that will show you this process step by step. 
The following advisement paradigms are available as a resource in planning a schedule of courses. Each paradigm details a suggested sequence of courses to be taken over a four year period to complete graduation and major requirements. Please note the college catalog is where the specific graduation requirements can be viewed. These are templates for your use but are subject to change. Students are also encouraged to update their personal educational plans in the Student Educational Planner in Degree Works. Plans can be created, updated and saved in Degree Works as often as a student would like. 
Students who entered before 2016 can find their paradigms below:
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