Summertime beauty on campus.

Some of SNC’s most beloved faculty are retiring this year … Let’s send them off with our thanks!

Faculty Retirement Reception
Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014
F.K. Bemis International Center 
2-3 p.m. Last lectures/Q&A from the retirees, Ft. Howard Theater 
3-4:30 p.m  Reception/cash bar and light snacks, Hendrickson Dining Room

Eight distinguished faculty members are turning in their chalk (yes, they actually used it!) this year. We’re celebrating their long and exceptional service to the college – and if you are among the thousands who were privileged to sit in the classrooms of these exceptional educators, we know you share our gratitude to them for a job superbly done. 

The “Great Eight” are: 

Dr. Don Abel, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy 
Dr. Eliot Elfner, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration 
Dr. Kevin Hutchinson, Professor Emeritus of Communication 
Dr. Iris Jenkel, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration 
Dr. Larry McAndrews, Professor Emeritus of History 
Dr. Bob Rutter, Professor Emeritus of Education 
Dr. Joe Tullbane, Associate Dean of International Education and Outreach 
Dr. David Wegge, Professor Emeritus of Political Science 

Three of our retirees – Drs. Elfner, Hutchinson and Rutter – will be our guests at a reception in August, and we invite you to come offer your best wishes in person!

Registration coming soon! Ι  Attendees