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About St. Norbert College Women’s Cross Country

St. Norbert College women’s cross country began in 1981, but acting as host for what is now known as the Tom Barry Invitational, began in 1976. We have called Colburn Park in Green Bay our home course since 1983, the same year we began competition at the Midwest Conference Championship.

Midwest Conference Championships
1984, 1986, 2002, 2003, 2010, 2016, 2017

Year-By-Year Results

Year Conference Coach 
1981 n/a Paul Zakowski
1982 n/a Terry Pliner
1983 3rd Larry Van Alstine
1984 1st Larry Van Alstine
1985 2nd Larry Van Alstine
1986 1st Larry Van Alstine
1987 2nd Larry Van Alstine
1988 5th Larry Van Alstine
1989 5th Curt Moore
1990 2nd Curt Moore
1991 2nd Curt Moore
1992 7th Curt Moore
1993 7th Kim Sosnoski
1994 6th Kim (Sosnoski) Christy 
1995 5th Kim (Sosnoski) Christy 
1996 9th Kim (Sosnoski) Christy 
1997 8th Kim (Sosnoski) Christy 
1998 8th Kim (Sosnoski) Christy 
1999 6th Nancy Gritt 
2000 7th Nancy Gritt 
2001 3rd Nancy Gritt 
2002 1st Nancy Gritt 
2003 1st Nancy Gritt 
2004 5th Nancy Gritt 
2005 5th Nancy Gritt 
2006 6th Nancy Gritt 
2007 3rd Don Augustine
2008 T3rd Don Augustine
2009 4th Don Augustine
2010 1st Don Augustine
2011 3rd Don Augustine
2012 2nd Don Augustine
2013 4th Don Augustine
2014 2nd Don Augustine
2015 2nd Don Augustine
2016 1st Don Augustine
2017 1st Don Augustine
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