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About St. Norbert Men’s Golf

Our St. Norbert College men’s golf team began in the 1937-38 season, with available records dating back to the mid-1960s, and with the exception of World War II has continued ever since. St. Norbert advanced to its first NCAA Division III Championship in 2013, the year it captured its first Midwest Conference title. St. Norbert captured its second MWC title and NCAA appearance two years later in 2015. The Green Knights also repeated the feat in 2017. The Green Knights won their previous conference title in 1969, when they claimed the championship of the Midlands Conference. We started Midwest Conference play in 1983. 

The Green Knights currently play their home meets at Royal St. Patrick’s Golf Links in Wrightstown, located about 10 miles south of the St. Norbert campus.

NCAA Division III Championship Appearances
2013, 2015, 2017

Midwest Conference Championships
2013, 2015, 2017

Midlands Conference Championship

Year-By-Year Results

Year Conference Coach 
1967 n/a William Dow
1968 n/a William Dow
1969 1st Romie Kosnar
1970 4th Romie Kosnar
1971 3rd Romie Kosnar
1972 3rd Romie Kosnar
1973 n/a Romie Kosnar
1974 n/a Romie Kosnar
1975 n/a Romie Kosnar
1976 n/a Romie Kosnar
1977 n/a Romie Kosnar
1978 n/a Romie Kosnar
1979 n/a Romie Kosnar
1980 n/a Romie Kosnar
1981 n/a Romie Kosnar
1982 n/a Romie Kosnar
1983 2nd Romie Kosnar
1984 5th Romie Kosnar
1985 6th Romie Kosnar
1986 5th Romie Kosnar
1987 2nd Romie Kosnar
1988 2nd Romie Kosnar
1989 4th Romie Kosnar
1990 4th

Romie Kosnar

1991 3rd Romie Kosnar
1992 5th Romie Kosnar
1993 8th Romie Kosnar
1994 6th George Wrobel/Paul DeNoble
1995 4th Paul DeNoble
1996 4th Paul DeNoble
1997 2nd Paul DeNoble
1998 3rd Paul DeNoble
1999 2nd Paul DeNoble
2000 2nd Paul DeNoble
2001 T6th Paul DeNoble
2002 7th Paul DeNoble
2003 8th Paul DeNoble
2004 4th Paul DeNoble
2005 5th Paul DeNoble
2006 6th Connie Tilley
2007 5th Connie Tilley
2008 7th Connie Tilley
2009 2nd Connie Tilley
2010 7th Connie Tilley
2011 4th Tripp Maher
2012 T2nd Tripp Maher
2013 1st Tripp Maher T34th at NCAA Championship
2014 3rd Tripp Maher
2015 1st Tripp Maher 37th at NCAA Championship
2016 4th Tripp Maher
2017 1st Tripp Maher T31st at NCAA Championship
2018 4th Tripp Maher
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