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Green Knights Identity

Charging knightOur St. Norbert College Green Knights enjoy a reputation steeped in tradition, reflective of Norbertine values and heralded for their excellence in both performance and sportsmanship. 

The original “Charging knight on horseback” logo was created in 1982 and has served as the primary symbol for St. Norbert athletics ever since. 

The development of the updated charging knight followed a process that included numerous conversations with the college community and a number of design stages and revisions. Much care was taken to preserve the spirit of the original image while providing a simpler, more contemporary and more usable design better suited for reproduction in a variety of media. 

School Colors 
The St. Norbert College school colors are Dartmouth green and old gold, both for the institution and for its athletics teams. 

The athletics identity system uses only the two school colors. In select cases, those where the background color is something other than white, it may be added as a third color. Black should not be used as either a substitute or background color. The rare exception for use of black may be in embroidery, where black must be used for technical reasons. 

Below are color swatches with standard industry color descriptions. Yellow should not be substituted for gold and Kelly Green should not be used instead of Forest Green. 

Gold Green
Pantone: 142
CMYK: 0C 28M 76Y 0K
RGB: 237R 189G 61B
Hex: #EDBD3D
Web safe: #FFCC00
Pantone: 350
CMYK: 80C 0M 100Y 75K
RGB: 26R 71G 43B
Hex: #1A472B
Web safe: #003300

Standard Typography

The typography used for the Green Knights athletics identity has been specially chosen and designed for consistency and uniqueness. Other fonts, even close matches, should not be added or substituted for the standard typography. In a similar manner, colors, outlining and letter-spacing should not be altered. One-color charging knight, moving left to right for specialized application.

All of the wordmarks and graphic components of the athletics identity system are trademarked symbols and can not be used or altered without permission. Images without the TM should not be used.

The Charging Knight
The charging knight on horseback is intended to stand alone as a symbol of the Green Knights mascot without the need for accompanying text. If text is needed to label or distinguish the mascot, one of the alternative wordmarks or images should be used.

A wordmark is a specialized typographic symbol that stands alone. The SNC monogram, Green Knights label and St. Norbert label use a design standard for fonts, colors, outlines and layout. They are intended to be used as designed and should not be altered.

SNC Green Knights Wordmark

SNC Monogram
St. Norbert Wordmark

Wordmark and Image Combinations
One of the strengths of an integrated identity system is its flexibility. Below are three alternative designs that use the Green Knights mascot combined with wordmarks. Other combinations are possible for specific applications based on need. Additional designs, combinations or alterations of the St. Norbert Green Knights athletic identity system are not permitted without the express consent of the director of athletics and the director of marketing and communication.
Knight Monogram
Green Knights Wordmark

Knight St. Norbert

How to Acquire and Use the Images
Using an integrated identity system is not the same as using a single image for all purposes. The identity symbols developed by the office of communications are meant to allow for flexibility while maintaining a consistent image and identity for the college and for Green Knights athletics.

The office of communications has master graphic files for the various wordmarks and images used in the athletics identity system. Please complete the request for identity graphics form to acquire the images.
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