Athletics Gap Insurance

The NCAA requires all member institutions to ensure that its individual student-athletes can demonstrate proof of insurance coverage of up to $90,000 per incident. In order to meet this requirement, St. Norbert College has elected to annually purchase an insurance policy that will cover the “gap” between each student's personal insurance up to $90,000 per potential incident, regardless of the student’s personal insurance coverage.

For the 2015-16 academic year, the fee for this insurance coverage is $250 for football and hockey, $200 for basketball and soccer, and $110 for all other sports. The fee is applied directly to the student-athlete’s St. Norbert College account once the athlete has confirmed their position on the team following the first contest. Should they disassociate from the team, without injury, prior to the first scheduled contest, the fee will not be assessed.

The per-sport fee charge has been determined by review of historical claim records. If a student is a two-sport athlete the fee is only assessed one time. The athletics gap insurance policy only covers injuries incurred during intercollegiate play, practice and/or travel and is an excess policy to any other collectible and valid insurance policy under which the student is covered.

A coordinating deductible allows for the deductible to be met if the student's primary insurance has reimbursed eligible medical claims above the deductible amount. The deductible is $2,500 per incident. The plan maximum is $90,000 per incident. This athletic gap insurance covers the student-athlete throughout the entire year, including multi-sport student-athletes as well as during any student-athlete’s non-traditional season, as long as the athlete is participating in school-sponsored and supervised activities. Pre-existing conditions are covered provided the student-athlete was initially cleared by the athlete's attending physician to participate.

More information on gap insurance:

Should you have any questions regarding gap insurance, please contact St. Norbert athletics director Tim Bald at or 920-403-3986.