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Grow in Your Faith

St. Norbert College, the only Norbertine college in the world, was founded on the principle of supporting the personal, spiritual and intellectual development of each student. Because we are a Catholic institution, we welcome students of all religious traditions as well as those with none.

It is our hope that, while you’re here, you will develop your spiritual life through worship, reflection and service, and then share your gifts with the world.

Do you fit into one or more of the categories below? We’ve highlighted a variety of targeted offerings to help you in the pursuit of deepening your religious or spiritual life.

“I am Catholic. How can I deepen and practice my faith on campus?”

“I live out my faith or values through service and working for justice.”
“I like hearing what my peers or faculty/staff think about a variety of spiritual and religious topics.”
  • Attend an ALIVE program in your residence hall and talk with your peers about a variety of topics surrounding life, meaning and purpose.
  • Go on a retreat.
  • Attend World & Table or Agape Latte.
“I am not Catholic, and my faith matters to me.”
  • The ALIVE programs and many of the Emmaus Center events are led by and intended for students of diverse spiritual backgrounds. 
  • Students from diverse spiritual backgrounds gather twice each month at Thin Place, for an inclusive experience of Protestant worship, to grow in wisdom, receive communion and share their journeys.
  • Attend Morning Prayer, an ecumenical worship service, during the semester.
  • Our faculty and staff members represent a variety of faith traditions. The faith connections webpage hosts a snapshot of faculty and staff members who are available to students looking to connect with someone who shares their spiritual grounding.
  • Email the Emmaus Center if you would like assistance connecting to a house of worship in your tradition.
  • We’re always trying to do more. Email the Emmaus Center or the St. Norbert College Parish if there are more ways we can support you.
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