Students at an ALIVE program.

Become an ALIVE Apprentice!

ALIVE apprenticeships provide our first-year students with an amazing opportunity to grow in faith and leadership abilities, meet new people with similar interests before classes begin, and serve fellow students throughout the academic year.

What Do Apprentices Do?
Our ALIVE apprentices are matched up with an experienced student coordinator to assist with planning and conducting programs for the residence hall in which they live. The programs are intended to help students explore questions about values, beliefs, purpose and personal callings.

Most ALIVE programs are spiritual in nature and aimed at students of all faith backgrounds and perspectives. Other programs are social in nature and meant to build community within the hall and on campus.

ALIVE Apprentice Job Requirements
If you are interested in becoming an ALIVE apprentice, you would:
  • Arrive on campus a few days before the official move-in date to meet fellow ALIVE peer ministers and begin training for the position.
  • Work approximately 6-8 hours per week throughout each semester.
  • Assist your student coordinator in planning and implementing weekly spiritual programs in your hall.
  • Build relationships with the residents and the housing staff in your hall.
  • Be an active member of your hall and a positive role model for your peers.
  • Plan a campus-wide event with fellow apprentices.
  • Attend ALIVE large group meetings, reflection groups, events, workshops and team training.
  • Treat the ALIVE work as your primary commitment outside of classes.
Who Should Apply for ALIVE Apprenticeships?
The best candidates for the ALIVE apprenticeships are students who:
  • Are incoming first-year students of any faith tradition
  • Ask questions about faith, life and its purpose – answers not required!
  • Show interest in growing in their spirituality
  • Have participated in and/or planned activities with a focus on faith and spirituality
  • Have leadership experience or have clear potential for growth in leadership
  • Are comfortable sharing their faith with other students and walking with them on their faith journeys
Financial Compensation for ALIVE Apprentices
  • $1,000 scholarship, paid at $500 per semester
  • Hourly wage for 6-8 hours per week

For complete information and to apply for a position, visit the ALIVE website.