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Any students who wants to park in a college lot or at a college owned student house must register their vehicle annually. 
Unregistered student vehicles can not park in visitor lots or visitor spaces.

Save the date--Below is a tentative schedule for notification of open parking registration by class:

Seniors: July 16, 2013
Juniors: July 23, 2013
Sophomore: July 30, 2013
Freshman: August 6, 2013

Students cannot register early. All students will be sent an email to their SNC email account that indicates their parking registration is open.  The email will provide information on how to register through Knightline.

Parking information and/or permits will not be sent through the mail.
Students need to register online (through Knightline) so that a permit can be assigned to them. 
All permits are sold on a first come first serve basis.
The permit fee will be charged directly to your student account. 
The permit identifies the vehicle as one being legal to park on campus. It does not guarantee a parking space in any specific lot.

If you don't have access to your SNC e-mail account and/or a computer during the summer it is your responsibility to have a friend or family member monitor your account for this information.

Permit Types: Sold on a first come-first serve basis. Limited number available
GREEN/Resident permits: valid for P6, P9, P12, P13, P16 or your college owned house driveway. 
BLUE/Commuter permits- valid for the six commuter/employee lots P3, P4, P5, P7, P8, P15 or any student lot. Vehicles with a commuter permit can not be parked overnight on campus.

After the start of the academic year, students who want to bring a vehicle to campus must verify with the parking office that a permit is still available.  
Any vehicles that arrive on campus without a permit will be TOWED to an off site storage area .

 Permits can be picked up the week before classes begin or MUST be picked up the first day or two of the fall semester.

Early Arrival Towing notice: Any student on campus early for work, sports or other college related activities should be advised that the VMC lot #5 and The Third St. South lot #6 will be closed Tuesday August 20 through Friday August 23 for freshman move in day.  Vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense out of either of these lots on Tuesday August 20.

Please read the following parking information carefully before registering your vehicle for the current academic year. Please take time to review which lots are now available to students.  

Parking reminders

  • Anyone using a St. Norbert College parking lot or house driveway must register his or her vehicle annually.
  • Every vehicle parked in a campus lot, even for a day, must be registered. Temporary permits are available in the Parking Office, PAC 120. The cost is $10 for a two-week period. The permit is valid for Lot 12 (College Ave.)  only.
  • If you have a state issued handicapped permit, you must register that information with the Parking Department, (920) 403-3948.  St. Norbert College will provide a temporary handicap permit for those who may become injured while at school. You need to contact the Health and Wellness Services Department to find out if you are eligible and what documentation is necessary.
  • If you are on campus first semester but studying abroad second semester Spring 2014, you will need to submit a registration form when your date for the registration process is open. Before you leave, you must return your permit to the Parking Office and your account will be credited half the cost of the permit.

    If you are studying abroad first semester, Fall 2013, DO NOT submit a registration form. You will be notified in December on how and when you can register for a prorated GREEN permit.
  • Student teachers, if you will need a vehicle for your student teaching second semester-Spring 2013  you must apply for and purchase it now, even if you do not need a vehicle until second semester.

  • Riverside and Vander Zanden apartment residents will need an additional free apartment sticker. This sticker does not guarantee a specific parking spot; it simply identifies you as an apartment resident and allows you to park there should there be a spot open.
  • College Owned House residents, There is a no charge for the permit but you must register your vehicle information with the Parking Department and display a valid year permit on the car.  A GREEN parking permit (valid for your driveway or any student lot on campus) is available to you.
  • If at any time during the year you have a different vehicle on campus, you must stop by the Campus Parking office (PAC 120) and pick up a free second vehicle permit. Each vehicle must be registered even if it's only on campus for a few days.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding parking please contact the Campus Parking office at (920) 403-3948, or send an email to For complete parking rules and regulations and a map of parking lot locations visit the parking regulations page.

2013-14 parking registration fees
All parking registration fees will be charged directly to your student account.

GREEN (Resident) Permits  $100
Valid in lots: *P6, P9, P12, P13,  P16.  

Limited supply, sold on a first come first serve basis until they sell out.  Note: residents living in a college owned house are eligible for an GREEN SNC permits at no charge. 
BLUE (Commuter) Permit  $100/year
Valid lots: P6, P9, P12, P13, P16 and/or the six employee/commuter lots P3, P4, P5, P7, P8, P15. Available to Commuter students. A commuter student is defined as students who lives at home with their family/guardian or live in off-campus, non SNC housing.   The permit identifies the vehicle as one being legal to park on campus. It does not guarantee a parking space in any specific lot. The Student Commuter Status Application form must be on file with the office of Residential Education and Housing before you can apply for a commuter permit.  Vehicles with a commuter permit can not be parked overnight on campus.

Motorcycle and scooter parking
Permits are required for motorcycles/moped and scooters.  TO REGISTER
email the license plate #, make and model of the vehicle and a contact phone # to the parking office ( If you are also registering a car the motorcycle/moped permit will be treated like a second vehicle permit (i.e. it will be free and it will have the same permit # as your car permit).  If you are only bringing a motorcycle/moped to campus then the fee for the permit is $10.

  • The vehicle must be parked in the areas designated for motorcycles: along the east side of the PAC building or in the Third Street South lot just right of the entrance off of Third Street. 
  • Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters CANNOT be parked in regular car stalls, nor are they allowed to be driven, pushed or parked anywhere else on campus.  
  • Motorcycles and scooters must be removed from campus during winter (at the end of the fall semester).

Would you like to review which lots are now available to students?  >> Campus map

Registering for a parking permit

Students will need to know the following vehicle information for the registration form: Make (Ford, Toyota, etc.), Model (Explorer, Corolla, etc.), Color, Plate # and the State in which the plate number is registered.

The purchase of a permit indicates that the student has read and understood the St. Norbert College parking policies and agrees to comply with the rules and regulations therein. St. Norbert is not liable for any damage to and/or theft of any vehicle, its equipment or contents while the vehicle is parked in a campus parking lot or college house driveway. Parking permits must be picked up from the Campus Parking office, Pennings Activity Center-PAC, room 120 (Office hours are 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Monday -Friday).   Your vehicle is not considered registered until your permit is properly displayed in the lower, left corner of the rear (drivers side) windshield.

Campus Safety

Phone: (920) 403-3299
Fax: (920) 403-4020

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