St. Norbert College provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school through the College Credit Program.

College Credit Program

The St. Norbert College Credit Program offers challenging classes for dual credit, taught within the high school environment.

The program is designed to:
  • Expose academically qualified students to college course work, expectations and standards.
  • Challenge the advanced student with college-level work while remaining in the high school setting.
  • Maximize student’s time and talent in high school, while giving them a head start on their collegiate career.
Qualified teachers, specially selected and approved by St. Norbert College, teach classes in English, mathematics, leadership studies and U.S. history at participating high schools in northeast Wisconsin.

The course work in each subject follows the syllabus designed for the college students taking the course at St. Norbert College. This means assignments and academic expectations reflect the same criteria the St. Norbert professors have for their own students.

More than 25,000 high school seniors have participated in the College Credit Program since it began in 1963. Currently, more than 600 students a year take St. Norbert College courses at participating high school campuses in northeast Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

St. Norbert College's history and reputation for academic excellence have earned the College Credit Program credibility among major colleges and universities across the country. Many of those colleges and universities accept St. Norbert College credits.