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Dual Credit Programs Alumni Survey

Alumni Survey
Name (optional):
High school:
College Credit Program or Youth Options Program?
College Credit Program (CCP) course(s) taken: English
Leadership Studies
U.S. History
Current college/university:
1) What did you specifically gain from your CCP or YOP courses?
2) Did you experience any difficulty in your courses? Yes No
If yes, why?
3) Please evaluate your instructor(s). What were their strengths? What were their weaknesses?
4) Once you were a full-time college student, were you placed in a more advanced course of the subject(s) you studied in  CCP/YOP? Yes No
Do you feel you were prepared for that course?
5) How did your current college or university transfer your CCP/ YOP credits (i.e. full credit granted, courses waived, electives, achievement test required)?
6) Did your current institution transfer the grades you earned in your CCP/ YOP course(s)? Yes No
7) Did you experience any difficulty in the transfer of your CCP/ YOP credits?
Yes No
If yes, why?
8) What suggestions do you have for improving the CCP/YOP at St. Norbert College?